Sunday, March 6, 2011


So it occurred to me at maybe around 7:30 last night that it was MARDI GRAS weekend, and here I was about to play a gig at a venue named after the great city that made Mardi Gras famous!! THE BIG EASY in Portland ME has long been one of my favorite spots to jam, and last night was by far the most fun I've had over there to date! Fortunately, I remembered to get a shot of the band and myself BEFORE I went on stage and got all sweaty and gross....

Thanks to Robyn Alman for taking photos. More pics will be forthcoming.

Big ups to KENYA HALL and THE KENYA HALL band for not only inviting us to come and share the stage with all of them, but also for tearing it down and playing a hot show themselves!!! I have been wanting to hook up a gig with these cats for a HOT minute, and I am so glad we could finally do it. Much thanks to Ken and all the good folks over at The Big Easy for being so hospitable and making us all feel so welcome; it was truly a pleasure to perform there and I look forward to coming back. And of course a great big thanks to all the good people in Portland who came out and partied with us!!

You can catch Kenya and myself in NEW YORK CITY on SATURDAY JUNE 11th, along with JEN KEARNEY at KENNY'S CASTAWAYS on Bleeker St.

Peace and love,
Big Ben

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