Thursday, December 8, 2011


What a week I had last week! It started out lovely - visiting my family in Maine for the Thanksgiving holiday. Then while driving down to visit some friends in Massachusetts, my car breaks down. Thank goodness for my friend Jen who drove all the way up to Amesbury from Tewksbury to pick me up - thanks Jen!

So my car gets fixed and after a nice visit in Mass I made my way down to New York for my gig at Wicked Willy's last Saturday. The car was running good all the way down until I got onto the West Side Highway, and then wouldn't you know it I started having car problems again!

I was able to drive all the way down to the village where I found a great parking spot just around the corner from the venue (of course, I did get a parking ticket because I put the meter receipt upside down on my dash!) I loaded in my gear and spent the evening walking around the neighborhood, I got some slices at my favorite pizzeria in the city (Ben's Pizza on 3rd and MacDougal) and stopped into a few area bars.

The gig was hot! We had an excellent turnout and everyone was jammin'. It was truly a good time, I am so grateful to have found my funky home in New York City at Wicked Willy's! If you look above you will see a picture we took outside before the gig. They didn't come out too great, but fortunately one of my favorite hobbies is taking crappy cell phone pictures and making them look weird in Photo Shop.

After the gig I was fortunate to be able to crash at the apartment of my bass player Ben and his girlfriend Mary - thanks Ben and Mary! I had the car towed to a garage the next morning and took a bus back to Allentown. I think that my car has seen it's final days!

Okay, here's the deal: if you live ANYWHERE in the New York City area, even if you have to drive an hour or so, you have GOT TO come to our FINAL SHOW at WICKED WILLY'S before I leave for CHINA!!! No joke, make it happen, come on down!! You will be SO GLAD that you did!

The gig is on SATURDAY JANUARY 7th at 9PM SHARP!! The venue is located at 149 Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village. I'm telling you - you have got to be at this one!! We'll see you there.

By the way, yes I did get my car back (after paying a pretty hefty bill to a garage in Hell's Kitchen.) I drove it home from NY with no problem, but this morning I went to a meeting with a venue here in the Lehigh Valley (I'm looking to book some shows in this area for the summer - stay tuned for details!) and the clutch started giving out. Damn - anyone know where I can get a decent used car??


  1. Well it seems like you came through this one and hopefully the bumps have been paved. You have some great opportunites and exciting things going on. Keep grooving Benny!