Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Well technically we still have a few more weeks of summer, but pretty much after Labor Day the general consensus is that summer is over. I hope all of you enjoyed yourselves this summer, taking wonderful vacations and making happy memories. My summer was quite busy, so busy in fact that I've apparently not posted an update to my blog since May! 

The past three months have been kind of a blur to tell you the truth. I really can't even tell you what the hell I've been doing with myself all summer. But I can tell you that I'm taking myself off the road for a little while to focus on writing and recording yet again. While I am at it I am thinking I need to make some much needed updates to the web site (yeah, that young handsome fellow at the top of the page with a big afro - I don't even know who he is anymore! lol) 

There's something very poetic about this time of year; sad yet beautiful. We begin to see subtle changes in the weather and the world around us, kids are going back to school, the circle of life revolves yet again. We're all a year older than we were last fall, and perhaps the autumn as much as anytime gives us cause to reflect on all the changes we've been through. 

As I am not out traveling and performing as much as I was just a few weeks ago, it seems as though all I have is plenty of time to reflect and think about these things. On the surface it might seem a bit depressing to some, but as someone who has battled depression all his life I can tell you: there is a difference between being sad or wistful and being out and out depressed. Sad is okay, depressed not so much. 

In fact I am feeling inspired! The changes we go through in life are inevitable; to live is to change, so let's embrace and celebrate these changes. Let's move forward into this new chapter in our lives not with trepidation but with a reverent jubilation. Let's look forward to all of the wondrous possibilities, all of the positive things that can happen for us if we'd just believe. 

So I've got a few new tunes I'm working on (more than a few, honestly. It's kind of an onslaught of themes and ideas, but I'm in the process of simmering it down to a handful of really good tunes,) and I can't wait to finally get them out of my head and my heart and into the open airways! I am thinking I will put up at least one or two as free downloads to start - so if you've ever thought about buying a Big Ben mp3 but just didn't want to cough up the 99¢ well then this could be your lucky day. 

Keep an eye out for new singles as they will drop here at bigbenhillman.com first. I've got a really hot tune I'm working on called "Friday Night" that will probably be the first tune to drop. In the meantime, I want to leave you with a few lines from a song I wrote called "Summer's End… " 

This lonesome road is trying my soul 
From town to town and show to show 
But I know I'll keep on reaching my goal
If I can just have your love to hold. 

So please say you'll wait for me
And remember how great we'll be 
When we're together at last
And just forget about the past 

I'll be coming home again
And I will see you at summer's end… 

©2013 Benjamin M Hillman (ASCAP)