Monday, October 28, 2013


So as promised I have created a little Cafe Press page containing a handful of products featuring some designs I created. There are only a few shirts and a couple of hats right now with a limited selection of designs to choose from, but more will be forthcoming soon. You will be able to access the store at anytime from the "MUSIC" page here on, but here is a little preview you can check out....

Make Custom Gifts at CafePress

I'm honestly not sure how many people out there will be interested in wearing a tee shirt with my face on it or a ball cap with my name emblazoned across the top, but I suppose you never know. Fortunately I've created another cool alternative design: a psychedelic tie-dyed looking "FUNK" logo. I think this will make for a really cool gift for someone, don't you?

Like I said before, if anyone has any feedback or ideas I'm all ears. At this point I'm just experimenting with different ideas until I find something that really works. All of this of course is in hopes of further promoting the new music I have coming out. My newest single "Friday Night" is almost finished and should be ready for download soon! as always keep your eyes and ears locked here to for all the latest info!

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