Wednesday, August 13, 2014


So you all might remember back in March I made a blog post about a drawing that my friend Carol Barenberg was working on that was inspired by my tune "Friday Night." Carol likes to make time-lapsed videos that chronicle the creative process she goes through in making her artwork, often setting them to music.

Well she has posted another video, this time its for a painting she has created, and she chose to feature an "oldie" of mine from back in 2007 - the song "Look At Me" featuring my old buddy Meyer Statham.

Check it out, enjoy, leave a comment and pass it on to your friends.

Before I go, just a quick reminder that you can check out THE FUNK/JAZZ JAM SESSION tonight at THE SAFE in LOWELL MA, and you can also see us play at BRODIE'S SEAPORT CAFE in SALEM MA on FRIDAY the 15th. Stay FUNKY, people!

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  1. Thank you. Looking forward to more musical inspiration tonight in Lowell.