Saturday, November 29, 2014


I hope that everyone out there had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with the people they love and care about most. Just wanted to drop a quick recap of things gone by, update of things to come and a little bit of love and gratitude for some of the good people and things in my life. 

It was another successful and fun filled evening at TOAD a few weeks ago. I am so grateful to all of the good folks who come out to party down with us, I am very grateful to Billy Beard, the venue and the wonderful staff at TOAD for continuing to have us back and giving us so much great support!

Of course I am very thankful to the many great players that I get to make music with. For this past gig we had Eric Vincent on guitar, Erick Cifuentes on drums and Daniel McDowell on bass. These guys sound great together and are all really cool - I am happy to say that they will be playing with me on my next engagement at TOAD which will be on FRIDAY DECEMBER 19th!  

My sister Meredith came by the show, which was a really pleasant surprise as she lives a good two hours away from Boston. I was glad she could be there to share in the good times with us, and she even took a couple of decent photos. Here's one of them:

Big Ben and the crew at Toad on November 14, 2014. l-r: Eric Vincent on guitar, Daniel McDowell on bass, Big Ben on keys and vocals and Erick Cifuentes on drums.

I want to give props to my friend artist Carol Barenberg for her support. She came to the last gig and brought her video camera and took some cool footage. It's hard to get good lighting in there sometimes, but Carol's friend and video editor Mike has done a good job of restoring the footage so that its easier to see, and the sound is actually pretty good.

There is still a lot of footage to sort through and edit, but there has been one clip posted to YouTube already. It's a brief snippet of my piano solo at the end of my original tune called "Chemical Brothers." You can peep it out here:

As you can see, we have a good time over there at TOAD. If you haven't been yet, grab some friends and come on through! Again, we'll be back there on FRIDAY DECEMBER 19th. You can also catch the band up in Salem on DECEMBER 27th at BRODIE'S SEAPORT CAFE. Hope to see you all there!

Before I end this post, I have give shout outs to one more person who I am grateful for: my girlfriend Barbra DesLauriers. She has been a tireless supporter of me and my art both, and I don't know what I would do without her. Whether its coming out to a show to cheer me on, come pick me up in Boston at 2 am after my car gets towed (true story!) or just sit and listen to me ramble on about all my crazy ideas and dreams, she really is a special person and I am really glad she's in my life.

Be well and be blessed, everyone! Hope to see you all real soon.