Thursday, February 26, 2015

Another GREAT NIGHT at TOAD!!!

I just wanted to mention quickly what a great time we had at Toad in Cambridge last week! Despite it being very cold and snowy out, we had an excellent turnout - lot's of people crammed in there, danced the night away and some folks even stayed right up to the very end of the night.

It was unusual for us to be there on a Saturday night as we typically play there on Friday nights, so we found ourselves playing for some new faces and meeting some new folks. Any night of the week it's always a good time at Toad, and we're extremely grateful to the good folks over there for having us back so often!

You can catch us there again next month on Friday March 20th. Then for you north-shore folks you can see us at Brodie's Seaport Cafe in Salem, MA on the following Friday March 27th. I look forward to grooving with you real soon!

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