Monday, May 18, 2015


Once again we had another really good show at Toad in Cambridge this past Friday night. In fact it may have been our most successful engagement over there yet. We had a really great crowd full of enthusiastic funk fans who came to get down, and get down they did!

Big Ben and the band rocking out and doing their thing at Toad on Friday May 15, 2015 (l-r: Eric Vincent on guitar, Frank Watkosky on upright electric bass and Big Ben on keyboards and vocals. Not pictured: Erick Cifuentes on drums.) Photo by Barbra DesLauriers.

This was the first time I had Frank Watkoski playing bass with me. Frank and I play together in a wedding band, along with Eric Vincent the guitarist who most often plays with me. A lot of people were pretty fascinated by the electric upright bass that Frank was playing (pictured above.) It's an unusual instrument to be sure, but it sounded funky as all get out and Frank  can really play the heck outa that thing!

Along with Frank and Eric we had a good friend on drums who plays with us every now and again, Erick Cifuentes. The rhythm section was tight and really laid down some heavy grooves!

Another first of the evening was the performance of a new tune of mine called "Let's Get Crazy." I gotta say that I think it went over with the audience pretty well. It's an upbeat dance number, and it really seemed to get people up on their feet. I am planning to make this song be the first song on my new album, coming out soon!

So as it happens, this was the last show we will play at Toad for a few months to come due to some scheduling issues. I am hoping that we will be able to get back in there for September, and by that time we will be celebrating the official release of the forthcoming album, which is entitled The Friday Night Consortium. Keep checking back here for details!

I will be doing a little trio gig in a couple of weeks on Sunday May 31st at a Cape Verdean restaurant in Boston called Restaurant Laura. They have really good Cape Verdean food there, and the atmosphere is really nice. If you have a chance, please come check us out.

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