Thursday, September 17, 2015


Well this is it, tomorrow is the release of my new album The Friday Night Consortium. We're having a big release party over at Toad in Cambridge at 10pm, and there will be CDs and t-shirts for sale. I hope that if you are in the greater Boston area and you are able to make it out to the show that you will come by, but more than anything I just really hope that all of you will pick up a copy of this album I've worked so hard on, that you will tell your friends about it, and that above all you will enjoy it!

Box of CDs just waiting to get bought up by loving funk fans!

I was just talking to some friends of mine about the process of creating this album, about how surreal it was to watch as these raw ideas and rough demos grew into completed works and seemed to take on a life of their own. Three years ago when I was making the transition from working in Philadelphia and New York to going overseas to China, and eventually finding my way back to Boston, I had no idea that the notes I had been scribbling on planes and in hotel rooms would turn into a new album. I thought at the time that I was just going to go back to the studio and work on the same stuff I had started on before I left, but fate has a way of leading us in surprising new directions we never knew existed - and now here we are.

I am truly very satisfied with how this record came out. I always knew I wanted to make an album like this, one that had something for everyone. All of you who love funky and soulful grooves should find something on this record for you. It's the type of album you can listen to from start to finish on repeat and still always find something fresh about it. I think it's the kind of record you could put on for any occasion, whether you're cruising around by yourself in the car, if you're having a party with some friends or a family barbecue, or even just a romantic evening at home with someone you love - this music is for you!

Some people are still somewhat perplexed by the name. What does The Friday Night Consortium really mean? Well, if you pick up a hard copy of the CD you will be able to read my explanation in the liner notes - but I will tell you here anyway: The Friday Night Consortium is the gang of us who all get together on a Friday night - musicians and music lovers alike - to relax, unwind and get down to the funky grooves that my band plays. That's what we do, and I wouldn't be able to do what I do and to make the music that I love if I didn't have you all to listen and to get down with me - so in a sense, this record really is dedicated to all of you!

The big CD release event will be happening tomorrow night, Friday September 18th at Toad in Cambridge, MA

Of course I will have links to purchase the album right here at You will be able to pick up a hard copy of the disc or a digital download from CD and you will be able to download it from iTunes as well. Eventually the album will be available to listen to on Spotify as well (funny, I didn't even realize until just last week that my I'm Sorry EP was already on Spotify!) As always I thank you for you for supporting me and for supporting local and independent music, and above all I am just really excited to share this music with you all and I sincerely hope that you will enjoy at as much as I loved making it!

Thanks for reading, and I will see you folks tomorrow night at Toad, 1912 Mass Ave in Cambridge, MA at 10pm. Peace!