Friday, January 15, 2016

KICKING off 2016 the RIGHT WAY

Hey there, funk fans! Happy New Year!! I hope you all enjoyed your holidays and are feeling as optimistic about 2016 as I am. The band and I have been enjoying a bit of downtime, but last night we had a chance to jump back into the swing of things with a live gig at a brand new venue: The Riverwalk Cafe in Nashua, NH.

It had been about a decade since the last time I'd played up in New Hampshire with my band, so it was really fun to go back and see so many good friends and old familiar faces, as well as some new ones!

Riverwalk Cafe in Nashua, NH on Thursday January 14, 2016. l-r: Pat Loomis on sax, Andy Jasper on guitar and Big Ben Hillman on keyboards and vocals. (Photo by Larry Jasper)

We had a couple of special guests sitting in with us. My good buddy Pat Loomis was on saxophone. If you've listened to my album The Friday Night Consortium then you are familiar with the fiery sounds of Pat's alto playing! We also had a very dear friend of mine on guitar: Andy Jasper. Andy and I go way back, all the way back to our high school days when we used to play in a band called Erotica (yeah I know, cheesy name - but we thought we were the shit! lol) Andy is a great guy and a rocking guitarist, and it was really fun to play together again.

In addition to having a great band and awesome turn out, we also were fortunate that Andy's Uncle Larry happens to be a talented photographer and took some really awesome pictures to document the event. Thanks, Uncle Larry!

Big Ben Hillman at Riverwalk Cafe in Nashua, NH on Thursday January 14, 2016. (Photo by Larry Jasper)

In other news: we got another stellar review for the album in The Noise, a Boston area music magazine. Listen to a bit of what they had to say about my latest album The Friday Night Consortium:

Big Ben Hillman is quite the smooth retro funkster.... The production is excellent on all levels, keeping the listener in a comfortable, easy-flowing harmonic place. Ben never falters – his compositions and production show signs of a master at work enjoying his craft. I’m just going to think of Big Ben Hillman as the new Barry White on the opposite end of the vocal spectrum.

- T Max, The Noise

You can read the full review, along with other news and info about local music happenings by clicking on this link:

You'll be able to catch the band at In A Pig's Eye in Salem, MA on February 4th. I've been working on writing some new tunes, so hopefully we can get some of them ready for the upcoming gigs. Keep it locked right here, boys and girls, for all the latest funky information about where we are going to be and what we've got going on. Take care and be well, my friends, and as always thank you for supporting your local funk!